Monthly Archives: May 2016

How To Increase Your Periscope Followers

Like any social media platform, getting followers on periscope has always proved to be quite a difficult task for most users. As a matter of fact, many people have often conceded that periscope is not amusing but it this is mainly as a result of very little numbers of periscope followers. But did you know that there are few tips that could play a very integral part in increasing your followers on the social media site? Yes there are, and quite simple too, all you have to do is to follow them relentlessly and you will see a change.

First and foremost, it is important that you get to ensure that your periscope broadcast is made public. Many people who make a mistake of having a private broadcast often lock out many people from viewing their broadcasts which in turns means that you will have low numbers of followers. Also, ensure that the content that you share is catchy and interesting. This will always attract more people to follow you and when they comment, do not ignore their comments, respond to them as a way of appreciation and they will tend to follow your broadcast closely.

Snapchat; the New Addition

The social media craze in the world today is huge; you are literally seen to be a boring person if you are not on social media. People are constantly on their phones and their mobile devices updating their Facebook statuses, retweeting tweets, posting photos and so and so forth. People’s lives have become like a series for the world over to follow as everything is put out there on social media; from what they are doing for the day to where they will be going to what plans they have for the weekend and so on and so forth.

The new addition to the social media craze is snapchat. Snapchat has taken the social media world by storm and it is indeed getting a large number of followers. With Snapchat you get to post videos of yourself and maybe activities that you are engaging in with your friends. The more interesting your videos are the more snapchat followers you will get. It is always about picking the interest of those looking at your page. They should be entertained anytime they visit it. As a matter of fact, social media has turned out to be one of the biggest sources of entertainment in the world of today thus you have to keep people wanting to come back.